Seeing Red

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day! (Unless of course you’re Colombian and didn’t celebrate…we’ll talk again in September :)) I spent the evening working at Seventh Street, and had some fantastic wine that I have to share with you all.

Moone Tsai Cabernet is an awesome full-bodied wine out of Napa Valley; our bottle was a 2008, a vintage which some say is even better than the 2007 vintage that came out of Napa. The nose is predominately ripe dark berries (think blackberries or boysenberries) and dark chocolate with hints of tobacco and vanilla. The finish is long and incredibly smooth, and I loved the subtle tannins and French oak evidence on the palate. In my opinion, this wine would appeal to just about anyone; last night three of us with completely different preferences shared the bottle and we all agreed that it was incredible. If you have a special occasion coming up, or are just looking for a really nice Cab, I definitely recommend giving Moone Tsai a go. It costs $75 a bottle, and can be bought at select stores as well as off their website They also have another (exclusive) Cabernet, a Chardonnay and a Howell Mtn (one of my favorite Napa AVA’s) blend, each of which has earned exceptional ratings. In other words, no matter which one of Moone Tsai’s wines you go with, you’re in for a treat.

Another great wine that I’ve been meaning to suggest is Saldo. This is a Zin blend that also includes a small percentage of Petite Syrah, Syrah and Grenache made by Orin Swift Cellars-the same producer as the popular Prisoner series wines. The interesting thing about this particular wine is that the grapes used are from all over Northern California; different vineyards, different AVA’s. This makes for an interesting blend that steers clear of being a typical Zin fruit bomb. In Spanish, Saldo means “balance on hand”, which is the perfect description for this wine. Strawberry and black cherry are balanced with oak, slight acidity is balanced with delicate tannins, and respectable quality is balanced with reasonable price (approx $28 a bottle). Pair with a blue cheese stuffed burger for some serious yum. If I ate red meat I’d probably be drooling right now.


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