Glance Back

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to move on; from places, people, things. I’m sure that sounds odd, but growing up as a military brat who was typically uprooted and relocated every 18 months of so, moving on was just a way of life. You could either fight it, or adapt to it and maybe even become good at it. I chose the latter and although this characteristic of mine has manifested itself in various ways since I’ve become an adult, I’m glad for it. It was surprising to me, then, that my last week in Ft. Lauderdale was such an emotional one, especially considering I never really liked South Florida to begin with. The truth of the matter is, over the next year I will be seeing a lot of places, meeting a lot of people, experiencing a lot of things…and I will have to move on quickly from them all. The difference this time is that I don’t want to let go of these experiences with my emotions closed and eyes ahead. Every place deserves a second run-through in your mind, even if it’s just for one final glance back. I think I’ll start with sunny Ft. Lauderdale.


This little French bakery has a great atmosphere and even better food-try the mini bite-sized pies filled with custard and various fruit combinations, or the crossaint sandwiches that literally melt in your mouth. On weekends, they have live jazz music outside on the vine-covered patio. I loved going there for brunch, sitting in the sun, stirring my espresso with the sugar stick, and imagining that I was a woman with nothing to do for the day but explore Paris with my lover.


Canyon is a tiny place, dimly lit and always full. It is intimate without being stuffy and sexy without trying too hard. The food is absolutely fantastic (and expensive), but that’s not what I would go there for. Emily and I would always spend an hour or so at Canyon sipping on their signature cocktail-the Prickly Pear Margarita. This pink concoction was the perfect pre-movie drink; after we had downed a few we would walk next door to my favorite theater in Ft. Lauderdale, which showed all of the foreign and small budget films that came out.

Sushi Rock

Located on the end of busy Las Olas, Sushi Rock was the first and last place that I ate out in Ft Lauderdale, and I loved it both those times (and the multiple times in between ;)). The sushi and service are consistently good, the crowd is always having a great time hanging out, and the 90’s rock music that plays in the background is sure to bring up a good memory or two.

Blue Jean Blues

The sort of music that’s played at Blue Jean Blues is hard to come by in South Florida; I was ecstatic when I discovered this little place. It’s dive without being the least bit dirty, cozy with a refreshingly mixed crowd. The bands vary from night to night, but the one that I enjoyed most was a group of old men who had been playing together for years and could undoubtedly play just as impressively in their sleep. Sip on a coconut mojito and build up the courage to join the small crowd on the dance floor.

Bikram Hot Yoga

I had never tried hot yoga, and was actually not even a fan of yoga in general before I tried this place on a whim. They keep the room hot (hence the name ;)), so you leave soaking wet and completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Bikram instructors handle the classes so that no matter your skill level, you’ll feel comfortable.

Seventh Street Wine

Ok, I might be slightly biased with this one, but it’s for good reason I promise! I had so much fun working at Seventh Street. Drinking delicious wine, spending time with great people who quickly became good friends, and making some truly invaluable connections.

Speaking of wine…I have a few more suggestions for you guys, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. I leave in four days and still have a lot of packing to do. Hope you all have a great Saturday!


2 responses to “Glance Back

  1. Blue Jeans Blues….Never Heard of it….Is that the place with with the Stripper Pole in the middle of the dance floor? Not that I would know from experience…….if it is, we used to go there years ago to Open Mic Night hosted by this awesome guitar player name Jimmy. Can’t remember his last name. Either way, we’ll be checking it out on your recommendation, which so far has not steered us wrong!

    As far as the rest of your fav’s – gotta say…they are fav’s of ours too! Can’t believe we never crossed paths before at Canyon or Sushi Rock!

    Can’t wait to hear of your new favorites in the next year of travels.
    A gotta $100 that say you will find your place to settle in the journeys ahead!

    Good Luck

    • Haha Bill…There wasn’t a stripper pole in BGB this time around, but who knows what happened in the good ol’ days of Jimmy 😉 I have a feeling that you and Missy will love it sans-pole, too! You’ll have to let me know what you think.

      Thanks for the luck! 🙂

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